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Tribute to Red Eye and Cheryl Alberta

A Tribute to “Red Eye” and Cheryl Alberta (TAAG)

2005 - 2015

Red Eye’s story takes us back approximately 14 years when a stray female cat (Bella) and her two kittens Pink (right) and Latrel  (left)) appeared under our deck.  Feeling sorry for the trio, my neighbours and I started feeding them table scraps.

It was not too long after that we noticed that Bella was about to give birth to another litter of kittens. At that time the fate of Bella and her kittens was put into the hands of the Humane Society.

The following Spring we noticed that Pink was expecting her first litter. That is when she gave birth to Red Eye and several other male kittens. By this time the number of cats on my deck had multiplied significantly. They were no longer fed stable scrapes but rather their favourite which was Friskies Stuffed Morsels.

We realized that we had a major “Cat” problem when Red Eye was expecting her own first litter in the Spring of 2007. That is when Cheryl Alberta from The Animal Assistance Group (TAAG) was contacted. She immediately came to our rescue. Pink was taken to a vet to be spayed and Red Eye was placed in a big cage in our garage until she gave birth. On 8 May 2007 Red Eye gave birth to a beautiful litter of kittens (pictured above).


Our family adopted a female kitten, “Frances”, from the litter and the rest were brought to TAAG for adoption. Arrangements were also made for Red Eye to be spayed and then she was returned to us.

Finally the “Cat” problem was resolved and we were left with only two outdoor cats Pink and Red Eye. They survived many a cold winter. Nonetheless, our neighbour decided to take it one step further and built them a state of the art house with a light. Together they huddled to keep warm on many cold winter nights.

For the next 8 years my morning routine included:  putting on the coffee, turning off the alarm, feeding the strays that were anxiously waiting at my back door, and then going downstairs to feed Frances.

On 16 July 2015 Red Eye did not appear for her morning feeding nor did she go to the neighbour's for dinner. At first we thought that she was on a long cat adventure but as time went by we knew that something more serious must have happened to her. Eventually when Pink returned alone  day after day, meowing for her buddy, we knew that it was hopeless.

My neighbours and I had provided shelter and food for Red Eye for approximately 10 years. It broke our hearts when she did not return.  However, we will be forever grateful to Cheryl Alberta and the diligent work of The Animal Assistance Group. With their help we were able to do our best to provide care for our strays.

It is so sad to think that our furry friend survived many harsh northern winters and disappeared on a beautiful summer day. One thing is for certain, we will continue to care for Pink one of the original kittens. As for Red Eye, she will undoubtedly be missed..... Purr in Peace

Three Generations - Pink in Front, Red Eye at Left and Frances at Right

Conjured by emca EMCA