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Simon's Recovery Story

UPDATE June 22, 2015

Simon's Foster Mom Andrea reports that Simon is doing great!!! Thanks to the support from the community of Sault Ste Marie, this beautiful boy is happy, content and fully recovering from his ordeal.

He had his last vet appointment last week and the doctors said he is doing so well that he is almost ready for adoption! Since his second operation Simon has been improving each and every day. He greets me at the door now and chats away when he wants wet food (he's a pate kind of guy!). He also loves belly rubs, cuddling, and chin scratches. Simon's all time favorite activity is watching the birdies out the window, because he is just so grateful that he can finally see again.

Simon would do best as an indoor kitty in a calm, stable and loving environment. He is calm and curious around our dogs, but is still leery of other cats (he would probably do fine with calmer older kitty as a companion, it might just take him a little time to adjust). If you want to know more about Simon's wonderful and charming personality, or if you want to meet Simon personally, TAAG will forward any approved applicants to me so we can set up an appointment and can see for yourself what a special, sweet and loving boy Simon really is.

So YAY!!! Simon is now searching for (and deserves) his purrfect human! As his foster mom I am truly grateful for every minute I have spent with this sweet boy. Simon is a beautiful, kind, & gentle soul who would make a calm, loving and loyal companion to anyone lucky enough to invite him into their heart and home. 

June 5, 2015

Simon's Foster Mom reports that this week has been really good..he just gets better and more lively everyday. Simon is slowly starting to play and loves watching the birdies out the window! It's so nice that he can finally see again.

May 29, 2015

Simon went for a Vet check up on May 29, 2015. The Vet says Simon is healing well, but one eye may stay more squinty than the other. He will have another appointment in a couple weeks to check his progress.  The volunteer photographer was able to see his eyes open. Her camera has a little light that comes on and it made him close his eyes, which is a good sign. He will stay in his Foster Home until his next vet assessment. 

May 22, 2015

Simon is recuperating at his Foster Home and starting to open his eyes a little more - getting lots of love and attention. The Eye surgery was re-done May 12, 2015 because the first surgery was not successful and he still could not see. Simon is recovering from his second eye surgery.

May 12, 2015

Simon went in for eye surgery and he also got neutered. He came home as expected was tired and weak, but was eating and responding to his foster mom. He started the pain meds on day two. After a couple days Simon became really lethargic and it was a struggle to get him to eat. This was very stressful. Thankfully he started eating again and seemed to be getting a little better. Sadly, he was still struggling to open his eyes and he went back to the vet for a check up. It turns out that the surgery did not take. This is not uncommon for this type of surgery so Simon spent a few days at the hospital being monitored and will be going in for a second surgery.

Simon is in his Foster Home recovering from living outside in the cold. He had been injured and also could not open his eyes. He stayed at the Vets several days on his initial visit and was very ill with fever so the Vet did further tests on him. It was determined he had Entropion which is an eye disease which results in an inward rolling of the eyelids resulting in damage to the corneas. His surgery was scheduled for May.

Simon's Original Story

Simon was left to fend for himself in the middle of winter 2015 and found his way into a volunteer's porch. This sweet boy was cold, hungry, unaltered and very scared. He was fed every single night and it was heartbreaking to see a living creature struggling to survive in bitter cold temperatures. TAAG tried several times to catch him but he wouldn't go in the trap. One night a call from a neighbour changed everything. It was -30 and she had just seen him struggling down the road on three legs. Simon was badly injured and it was obvious we had to get him in fast or he wouldn't make it. With the neighbour's help Simon was caught the very next night. TAAG was happy he was safe and warm but we were completely heartbroken to see the condition he was in. Simon's leg was badly injured, his face and eyes were infected where he couldn't open his eyes. Simon was terrified, as he didn't know what was happening. Obviously, fighting and struggling to survive in sub-zero temperatures had taken its toll. Simon was a very sick boy. He arrived at the vet with a temperature of 103 degrees and was immediately given painkillers and antibiotics through IV. He was held at the Vet clinic for two nights while they did further tests on him. Thankfully he tested negative for feline leukemia, but he wasn't so lucky when they tested his eyes. Simon has Entropion which is an eye disease that is incredibly rare in cats. It results in an inward rolling of the eyelids (or even a shift backwards in the eye itself) resulting in extensive damage to the cornea. Simon is in foster care now resting comfortably, being treated with antibiotics and eye medication to prepare him for surgery. This brave kitty is getting stronger every day. He loves being petted gently and is slowly starting to trust humans again. For all he has been through Simon is an incredibly sweet and gentle boy who would be eternally grateful to finally have a chance at a loving forever home. Simon was neutered May 4 and went for his followup vet visit in the middle of May and is now recuperating.

Simon's Original Poster by Andrea Caldwell - Foster Home

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