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A Kitty Named A&W

FINAL UPDATE - July 5, 2015

A TAAG Cat named A&W now has a new beginning in her new home, along with a new name, Daphne Bella. She has recovered from her surgeries, has been adopted, and is well loved. This fortunate girl is thoroughly enjoying her new life with her new family including big brother and protector pooch Scooby Doo. 

The Animal Assistance Group and Daphne would like to thank her wonderful Foster Family for welcoming Daphne into their home and allowing her time to heal, all the generous people who donated towards her Vet costs, her new adopted family, and all those who were involved with her story in any way. 

Have the great life you deserve, Daphne Bella!

June 9, 2015

A&W has found a family of her own. Her new name is Daphne. 

A&W is a great cat, playful, so affectionate and loves to purr, roll on her back and head butt for your attention, has the sweetest little meow. She also has a gorgeous coat, thick, so smooth and soft.

June 8, 2015 

A&W is reportedly doing great, proving to be a very loving cat with a lot of affection to give. She recently visited the Vet and her incisions are healing beautifully. She is coming along so well that she is now waiting for her spay appointment. What a lovely affectionate cat she is! TAAG - The Animal Assistance Group of Sault Ste Marie Ontario will continue to update A&W’s progress and thank everyone for their support.

June 2, 2015 

A&W’s Foster Home reports that she is a sweet, sweet cat! She loves to rub her head against everyone and has taken to snuggling every night on the couch. A&W is still wearing her cone most of the time and her incision is healing well. She will be going to the Vets for a follow up visit soon. TAAG will keep you posted on her progress. A&W and The Animal Assistance Group of Sault Ste Marie Ontario thank everyone for their continued support.

May 25, 2015

The Animal Assistance Group of Sault Ste Marie Ontario has been overwhelmed by the support given to a sweet little cat named A&W. Thanks to the generosity of all the donors, the goal was reached to cover A&W’s surgeries and medical costs. She is comfortable in her Foster Home, a warm family environment, and likes the company of children, craves attention, and always has a big purrrrrrr. Once A&W has recuperated from her first surgery and is strong enough, she will be going to the vet for spay surgery. TAAG will continue to update her progress.

May 22, 2015

This sweet female short hair brown and black Tabby was recently found by Maurice Dagenais in distress at the A&W parking lot in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. He contacted The Animal Assistance Group for help. She was given the name A&W, was taken to the Vet by TAAG and it was determined that she was probably injured some time ago, possibly by a car. Despite the sad condition she was found in, A&W is very affectionate, friendly, and trusting of people.

This week, A&W had surgery to remove the damaged eye and repair the back wound to allow it to heal properly. She will need several weeks to recover from the first surgery, so was placed in a Foster Home for some TLC. A&W will be returning to the Vet for spay surgery when she is well enough. After recovering from all surgeries, this sweet girl will be available for adoption. Cats can adapt very well with only one eye and A&W should recover fully from her ordeal. 

The A&W Restaurant where she was found, has kindly donated funds towards her Vet costs. TAAG still needs help with this as the Vet costs are $800 Canadian. She may need further medical treatment if there are any complications. If you can help in any way, please link to the Donation Page. Donations to TAAG are Tax Deductible. Please mention A&W in the comments section with your donation if it is for her care. TAAG will update her progress in the weeks ahead.

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