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Joe aka Mookie - October 25, 2016

From the Family of Joe formerly known as Mookie: "Hello All, I wanted to send you an update on Joe (we named him after the island) formerly known as Mookie. He was a perfect fit from the moment we brought him home. His older dog siblings adored him and from day one and so did we. He is a character for sure and such a snuggly little guy. His big brother Ruger is so patient with him and a little curious. One of the pictures I included he is eating with them and that was the very next day after I brought him home. His sister Molly is a baby herself at only just over a year so they play and play! Joe was not nervous of the dogs at all, he is a brave fella. When I picked Joe up from you he was all grey but about 3 weeks ago these two stripes came out on him but only half way down his back, I’ve never seen anything like it on a cat and the vet thought it was pretty unique too. He did go today to get “the surgery” and came through just fine. He is doing well and in a very warm and loving home. He rules the roost already…!   Marny Westlake

Mikey/Max - September 26, 2016

From the Family of Mikey/Max: "I just wanted to post a little update on "Mikey/Max". We've had him for a few weeks now and he's fitting in with our family perfectly :) The day we brought him home he came out of the carrier and acted like he had been here forever. It was actually our other cat that needed time to adjust, but they are beginning to form a wonderful bond with each other. I attached a picture of our new little man doing a few of his favourite things: getting some love, watching out the window for birds and snuggling with his new brother. Thank you guys so much for this handsome little dude." 

 Camille formerly known as Lovely and her Buddies - April 15, 2016

From the Winter Family: "We adopted four wonderful cats a few months ago, three older kitten siblings who were very feral and a medium haired lady that we took into our home. Her shelter name was Lovely, but her new name is Camille. She has been a great cat to have; she made herself quite at home. Lovely aka Camille was adopted and returned a few times, so it has been a journey gaining her trust. As for the three little wild kittens, they have made our barn their home and have adopted chickens and turkeys as their new companions. They seem to be very happy and play all day. We are making headway as we can almost pet them. Their antics make us smile. One kitten has fallen in love with our huge rooster, she rubs and purrs against him. It's hysterical. TAAG thank you for bringing these kitties into our home and farm."

"I could go on for an hour how much fun it is having these cats, they are the best. We identified Lovely's little 'glitch'...sometimes she won't let the kids upstairs. I figured out she just wants to be picked up and snuggled.....who would have thought? Thank you all soooo much!"

"Two of the kitties hang out with Bon Jovi our turkey.
The cats spend a lot of time with him groupies. Bahaha!"

Zoey formerly known as Cayley - April 10, 2016

Update from Zoey's Family: "September 2012, I volunteered with TAAG and took Cayley (now known as Zoey) home to foster her. She was one of the rescues who came with her kittens; poor thing was horribly malnourished, probably weighing 2 pounds soaking wet. We had a very rough few weeks, as she wouldn’t eat, was too weak to walk and struggled to breathe at times. Honestly, no one thought she would make it, but we never gave up on her. I remember the first time she ate in weeks - I was laying on the floor beside her completely still the entire time trying not to spook her. She eventually gained her strength back and started putting on weight. This cat has such a strong bond with me after this, not only does she follow me around constantly and come when I call her name but when she thinks I’ve left the house she will start calling for me and screaming because she knows if I’m around I’ll answer her and she’ll come running. Thanks for all your amazing work and giving these animals a second chance to a long happy life. If it wasn’t for you guys I would have never met my best friend....... Taylor"

Stripes now known as Rusty - February 8, 2016

Update from Stripes' Family: "Stripes (Now known as Rusty) is doing very well in his new home. He is a perfect gentleman. He has no problem with the litter box, adores feeding time, and is really enjoying being petted and scratched. His purr is getting louder by the day. He sleeps on the bed of course, sometimes on my pillow (his now I guess), can make it from anywhere in the apartment to the sound of fridge being opened in under .3 seconds!  He usually follows me around, will lay on floor next to computer chair. Read a book in bed? There too. My other cat, Mr. Boots, after the initial shock and hissing wore off, now tolerates Rusty and they even share the Cat Tree together. They stay about a foot apart on the bed, and will line up for a treat. They will become fast friends very soon! Rusty will take the treat from my hand very gently with no accidental biting. He is a very good cat and I’m glad he chose to come live with me! Brian Blakney, Thessalon"


Callie and Gretel - January 24, 2016

Update from Callie's (Calico) Family: "This is Callie, the hard-of-hearing darling that Gloria dug out from under a neighbour's porch." 

Update from Gretel's Family:

"This gal, who was brought to us after she was attacked by a fox, you might have on file as either Kitty or Carly. I renamed her Gretel because she escaped being eaten. Since her fur grew back after having her tail amputated (THANK YOU, TAAG!), she's become a force with which to be reckoned. In this pic, she's guarding my mail. From me, as if to say, "You can look at this later. For now, it's mine." She's also taught me that if I leave writing implements on the coffee table they will disappear. I suspect she doesn't approve of me having correspondence with the outside world."

Ramona - October 24, 2015

Update from Ramona's Mom: "Hi Cheryl, Just wanted to give you an update on Ramona. She is doing wonderful. She is such a loving, and affectionate cat. I can't believe she is already a year old. When I come home from work, she looks for me..she is always giving kisses and snuggles her head into my neck when I pick her up. I took a shower yesterday and she actually waited outside the door for me then followed me downstairs, LOL. She is also hilarious.....last night I changed my bedding and when I shook the sheet to put down on the bed she came barrelling onto the bed and literally slid into the sheets, LOL. She definitely has her own little personality. She brings so much joy to this family; we absolutely love her. So thank you again soooo much for giving her, her forever home!!!

Note: Ramona and littermates were rescued from a fire in 2014.

The second picture is Ramona and my dog buds. Then the 3rd...Ramona was sitting up watching my hubby play his pinball machine (I laughed when she did that) and the nextt....thats how she was sleeping on my bed, LOL..... 1 more of when we first got her....i can't believe how small she was!

Zak aka Jax - August 28, 2015

Zak's family writes: "I wanted to send these photos to you of the wonderful cat we got from TAAG with help from Lynne King. I saw his photo on your webpage, back then it was Jax in October 2013 (which is now ZAK). He has helped my 17 year old dog live an even longer life,  they have become best buds. As you can see in the pictures they sleep together on the bed and play from time to time. I was never a cat person until I got Zak and he is so much a part of our family even though he talks too much and then the occasional MEOW he speaks has made us happy and laughing. Thanks TAAG for a wonderful cat!!"...Mike Chikoski


Whitaker - July 16, 2015

Whitaker's family writes: "Well Whitaker has taken to his new home like a fish to water.
The kids love him and even our 9 year old tabby is getting used to having him around!"

Bear (now Leo) - April 17, 2015

Bear's family writes: "Hi! I adopted Bear (now Leo) from TAAG this January. He was at the Pet Valu store in Cambrian Mall. He was around 3 months old then. He has been a great addition to our family. He is doing great here. Just thought I would give you guys an update. 

Maya - March 14, 2015

Maya's family writes: "Hi! I adopted Maya about 2 yrs ago. I just wanted to let you know that it didn't take her too long to come around. She was very sketchy when I brought her home. She would run at any noise she heard. She hid in my basement for a few days before she started feeling comfortable. When she started coming upstairs, it wasn't long before she was sleeping on my bed every night. She has gained weight and is doing wonderful! I have another rescue cat and a small dog that she loves! Just thought I'd give you an update. She's so lovable!"  

Harley aka Sherlock - March 10, 2015

Harley's family writes "My husband and I adopted Harley (now Sherlock) from TAAG in October last year. He was about 3 months old and a real purr machine. He has been a joy to have and is good company when my husband is away for work. We are thankful to have him..... Karyn C"

Hunter - February 21, 2015

Hunter's family writes "Hi ... I adopted Hunter from Pet Valu in early December. She was spayed last week at Chippewa Animal Clinic. Here's her certificate .. she's doing so well. Thanks ... Tracy Humphrey"

Magic - January 20, 2015

Magic's family writes: "Just wanted to say thank you so much for this little girl. Magic is a great companion for Izzy and is settling in very nicely. We are happy to have her as one of the family."

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