The Animal Assistance Group
Location: 189 Elgin Street, Sault Ste. Marie ON P6A 2Y9
Office Phone: (705) 575-7030

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On behalf of TAAG's executive board:

With the closing of the TAAG shelter, we are much more limited as far as the number of cats we can take in. Until such time as we find another location to use as a shelter, we are using foster homes and pet stores to house the cats/kittens in our care.

We're still functioning as we always have, but until some of the cats/kittens we currently have in care get adopted, we cannot take in any more cats.

This raises an important issue for us in the groups on Facebook.

We're seeing people continuously offer to pick up strays and take them to TAAG, or offering up TAAG's services to pick up strays, or even claiming to be working with/for TAAG and taking in cats claiming that they'll get everything done for them through us.

We just want people to be aware that unless a private person has TAAG's permission first, they cannot just take in stray cats or cats being advertised needing homes, on our behalf. If a private person in this group or any other, takes in cats/kittens without talking to a TAAG board member first, then it is their own responsibility to deal with. Vet care, food, litter, whatever that cat needs will be that person's responsibility, not ours.

We are a small operation - yes, it's grown quite a bit in the last several years, but it's still small and we can only do so much. We will continue to devote our time and energy to saving as many cats as we can but we can't take in every stray. That's actually what the Humane Society is there for. While it might not always be ideal, it's what we've got.

We appreciate all of your donations, your support and assistance wherever possible though! Please keep doing what you can to help out, whether it be with monetary donations, Lock City milk bag donations, applications to volunteer for us, applications to foster for us or applications to adopt from us. Every bit makes a difference!

Let's continue to build TAAG up, without exhausting our resources.

Thank you again from all of us!

The Animal Assistance Group - TAAG is a Non-Profit Registered Charity operated by dedicated volunteers. TAAG relies on donations, fundraising, and sponsorship from the generous public to maintain the shelter and assist the homeless animals in its care. TAAG offers rescue foster and ultimately adoption of homeless or unwanted pets. Cats in our care are updated on shots, tested for FELV, de-wormed, deflead, and spayed or neutered (except young kittens or otherwise stated). Homeless cats stay with TAAG until adopted. We strive to help control the pet population through a focus on spay and neuter, offering assistance through a discounted spay neuter service to those who qualify, enabling people in special circumstances the opportunity of pet ownership.  ‚ÄčJoin The Animal Assistance Group on    

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