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On Behalf of TAAG's Executive Board:

With the closing of the TAAG shelter July 31, TAAG is currently limited in the number of cats able to be  accommodated. Until another location is found, foster homes and pet stores will be used to house the cats/kittens in care. TAAG continues to function as usual, but until some of the current cats/kittens are adopted, we cannot take in more cats.

Facebook Group Information:

People have offered to pick up strays and take them to TAAG, or offer TAAG's services to pick up strays, or claim to  working with TAAG - taking in cats claiming that they'll get everything done for them through TAAG. Please be aware that unless a private person has TAAG's permission, they cannot take in stray cats or cats being advertised needing homes, on TAAG's behalf. If a private person in this group or any other, takes in cats/kittens without talking to a TAAG board member first, then it is their own responsibility, including vet care, food, and litter.

TAAG is a small operation that has grown in the last several years, continuing to devote time and energy to helping as many cats as possible.

Donations, support and assistance is appreciated. Please keep doing what you can to help out, whether it be with monetary donations, Lock City milk bag donations, applications to volunteer for us, applications to foster for us or applications to adopt from us. Every bit makes a difference! Let's continue to build TAAG up. Thank you from all of us!

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