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Flynn's Tale

UPDATE: October 29, 2015

Flynn has been adopted by his Foster Family! 

From foster mom Margaret Storms: "Flynn was staying in David's room for about 4 months while he became comfortable. We started keeping the door open, and little Nidalee (previously Nala from the shelter) kept talking to him, got him to come out and the rest is history - he has continued to make progress since them, and in the last few weeks RAPIDLY. I'm so glad to see this guy get a good life. 


October 22, 2015

From foster mom Margaret Storms: "I wanted to let you guys know that Flynn, our foster cat, has been making a ton of progress in the last few months. He sleeps in the crawlspace most of the day. But when it's time to eat, and he seems to have that down pat; he comes upstairs and eats with the rest of the felines and even the canine provided the canine doesn't bother him. I have pictures which I hope to add later (technologically challenged). My hope at first was to see him sitting on the window at the front of the house (which happened a few months ago). Then my dream was to see him eat with the rest of the family (which he is doing). I never thought we'd be able to pet him which David and I have both done a couple of times this week. I am so happy with the progress that he's made. We decided a while ago to let him choose the pace and that was the right decision. All his fur has grown back by the way except for his tail which looks like a rat's tail. Poor guy - but he is doing well and because I don't get on here very much wanted to update you. I will get David to load some pics up soon and share them. He's a beautiful cat."

June 27, 2015

Flynn is out of his crate but goes to sleep in his clamshell bed. His foster mom is thinking of eliminating the crate as the next step. Flynn hides to eat and still has a long way to go.


June 4, 2015

Flynn decided to rest on the new snuggle bed that his foster home got for him. They had a session of letting two of their own cats in to sniff around. Flynn has done well in the last 36 hours and they will slowly take one day at a time.

June 3, 2015

Flynn was on his way to his Foster Home in his favourite carrier. When he arrived, he stayed in his carrier but did not growl and that was considered a success. 

June 2, 2015

Animal rescues like TAAG strive to be stewards of homeless cats taken off the streets. Every life counts. These felines are taken in, vet checked, spayed or neutered, tested, spend some time at the shelter where they can feel safe, or in a foster home for rehabilitation. At that point, most will find loving homes. Then there are traumatized cats like Flynn who seem to get stuck in limbo. These types of cats did not ask to be born but were once a tiny innocent kitten with a whole life ahead of them. Flynn was one of these innocent kittens at some point, but ended up on the streets. Nobody knows what happened to him in his short life. He may have been tossed out of his home, and ended up as the cat that was picked on outside by other older tomcats. Being submissive, he was extremely vulnerable to attack. It appears he was a loner possible because he was shunned by any colony cats out there. He is the type of cat who cannot go back to outdoor life as the cycle would repeat itself leading to tragedy. 

Originally April 2015

Flynn was trapped in the Euclid and Pim St area after being found in distress and injured during our cold winter this year. A caring person contacted TAAG to help capture him and get him some help. Flynn appears to have been out for a long time, hungry, frightened, traumatized, with severely matted fur with missing spots and an injured nose. He was examined by the vet, given shots, tested for FELV, de-matted, and neutered through the generosity of donors. The vet determined him to be about 3 years old, a black longhair but not feral. 

Flynn hid at the back of his cage in his little house for a long time. In May he is started to come out of his house to eat but is still afraid to fully come out of his cage. He needs to be mentally rehabilitated to feel safe and this may take awhile. Flynn will need a special home that understands the trauma he went through and give him time to adjust and trust.

A Foster Home may be able to work on him to bring him out of his protective shell. He needs a safe room in your home where he can stretch his legs and get comfortable enough to trust again.


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