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Razzamatazz - Foster Home Christina Blonda
Animal ID:
Brown Tabby with Green Eyes
House Trained:
Intake Date:
February 18, 2015
Domestic Short Hair, Tabby


Update August 2016: Colleen and Christine, two of the shelter volunteers write: "Hi, my name is Razzamatazz, but you can call me Razz! I have been at the TAAG shelter for a year and a half now. In February, 2015 a kind human saved me from the bitter cold and brought me in from the outside where I was struggling to survive. Because of how difficult my life was before I came to the shelter I am still very shy and wary. It took a while, but with lots of love and attention from my favorite volunteer here at TAAG (she knows who she is ) I was brave enough to come out of my cage and get pets and affection. Now I don’t have to go into a cage at all, I get to roam the whole shelter all of the time. My most favorite place here is our brand new cat patio(catio), where I can lounge in the fresh air and watch the birds chasing each other around. I have seen a lot of cats come and go from the shelter and I get along with most of them, but my favorites are Dawn, Robin and Cinnamon who are my snuggle buddies. Dawn is my girlfriend now which is so great because she has a beautiful purr and gives great baths! I think there is a picture of us snuggling each other. My second favorite place is the bathroom, where I follow the humans here to get some loves, and if no one is going in there I sit outside the door and wait for someone to notice so I can get me some pets! (Except when I have to have my nails trimmed in there, that’s the worst!) When I get overwhelmed I like to hide on top of the cages or shelves and watch all the busyness from there, where I feel safe. I like to get affection when it is nice and calm and quiet, and when it isn’t I just show a bit of my famous ‘cattitude’ so the volunteers and other cats know not to bug me too much. I have been here at TAAG so long that I don’t know if anyone will ever see how sweet and special I am. I just need to go home with a special human who knows that I will need to time to get used to a new environment and patience with me when I get scared. I would love to have my very own forever home that is calm and quiet but filled with lots of love(a cat or two for snuggling is also ok by me!) If you come visit the shelter maybe you could ask about me since I sometimes hide when there is a lot of commotion and you might not get to see me. Just ask for the handsome tabby with the beautiful green eyes."


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