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Chicky - SPECIAL ADOPTION FEE - Tidiest Cat at the Shelter
Animal ID:
Adoption Date:
July 12, 2017
8 years
Black and White
House Trained:
Domestic Long Hair


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Update July 29, 2016 - Colleen, one of the volunteers at the shelter writes: "Hi, I’m Chicky! When I first came to the TAAG shelter I found it very difficult to be around so many other cats. I felt very stressed and anxious and couldn’t be out of my cage often with the other cats. It took a while, but the volunteers here were very patient and gave me lots of love and affection and now I love to be out and about around the shelter. My favorite things to do are look out the window at the world going by and stretch out on the floor which is nice and cool on my tummy on a hot day. I used to have lots of matts around my neck that hurt me and made me feel grumpy but the humans brushed them all out and now my beautiful long coat is silky and soft. I like to just relax and when there is too much commotion I just put myself back in my cage for a break from everyone. Speaking of my cage, the humans here tell me I am the tidiest cat here with the neatest cage. I think I am about eight years old (but I still look like a young kitty). One of the volunteers says I have the cutest tiny ears they have ever seen on a cat, and it made me blush, but I make sure I give her extra rubs on her legs when she walks by to say thank you I am used to being at the shelter now, but would be so much happier with my own special humans in a quiet home(no kids please) where I can relax and look out the windows and maybe get some snuggles. Oh, and please can there be treats there? I am a cookie monster, and treats are my most favorite thing in the whole world. There is a picture here of me asking nicely for more cookies please!"

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