The Animal Assistance Group
Office Phone: (705) 575-7030
TAAG's mission is to decrease overpopulation of cats; we focus on spay and neuter of all pets in our care.
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Adoption: Please download Pre-Adoption Form, and EmailDue to TAAG not having a complete history on some of the available pets, we do our best to ensure they are healthy by sending them to a Vet for a Wellness Exam. The Adoption Fee covers the vet checkup, spay or neuter, Felv testing, Felocell quad vaccine, Rabies vaccine, deworm and deflea.  Medical attention after adoption will be the responsibility of the adopter. 

Jackie is an extremely sweet little lady of small stature with big purrs. She's got some extra toes on her front paws too!
PHOEBE and kittens ROSS, MONICA - Phoebe is a stray female, trapped from Superior Dodge area with her kittens. They're feral, very fearful but we are making headway with them!
Little Rookie has visited the vet and has been felv tested negative and has had all shots. She is approx 4 months of age.
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