The Animal Assistance Group
Location: 189 Elgin Street, Sault Ste. Marie ON P6A 2Y9
Office Phone: (705) 575-7030

About Us

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The Animal Assistance Group (TAAG) is a Non-Profit Registered Charity Run Solely by Dedicated Volunteers, Relying on Fundraising, Sponsorships and Donations from the Public to Operate 

The Animal Assistance Group (TAAG) is a non-profit registered charity with a two-part mandate. The first part of our mandate is to help control the pet population through a focus on spay and neuter. We provide assistance through a discounted spay neuter service to those who qualify, enabling people on limited incomes or in special circumstances the opportunity of pet ownership. The second part of our mandate is to offer rescue foster and ultimately permanent adoption of homeless or unwanted pets. Cats coming into our care are given shots, FELV testing, and spayed or neutered (except young kittens or otherwise stated). Homeless cats stay with TAAG until adopted.

TAAG relies solely on donations and the generosity of animal lovers to carry on its work. Official receipts are issued for donations over $10 for income tax purposes. Although we work primarily with cats, we do occasionally have dogs and other types of pets in our care or in foster homes. If you are interested in adopting a pet or one of the cats available, please contact us.

We greatly appreciate all support from individuals and business in our community, enabling us to fulfill our Mission. The following adoption locations gererously help TAAG cats and kittens find homes:


Paw N Pet Food

Sault Animal Hospital

TAAG Does Not Have a Drop Box! It can be a dangerous situation if a homeless cat and kittens are just dropped off in front of the door of the TAAG shelter location. The shelter is not set up for this type of drop off as new arrivals need to be segregated for the well being of themselves and the other shelter pets. If you have an urgent situation, please call us so we can work out a suitable arrangement.

History of TAAG

The Animal Assistance Group was founded 26 years ago by a group of five incredible women. For many years, close friends, Marg MacreathGladys BennettBetty BreedEleanor Dunn and Christa Dilanzo, worked tirelessly to find alternatives to the high cost of spay and neuter services. Their work and dedication will not go unrecognized, as today we strive to follow in their footsteps, to continue their work, and improve on an organization that was founded on love and caring for animals in need. Up until June 26, 2010, Christa Dilanzo of the original five, worked together with Cheryl Alberta, and many of our dedicated long standing members and wonderful volunteers, The Animal Assistance Group continues to help people and their pets in our community.

Christa Dilanzo, the last standing member of the original five founding members of The Animal Assistance Group sadly passed away Saturday June 26, 2010. Christa was a tireless, compassionate and true champion for homeless animals for many years. Christa was best friend and constant companion to Cheryl, the current President of the group and to many who knew her. She will be sadly missed by many.

My Wish ~ Nicole B.
A starving dog should never go hungry, and never go cold
No pet should be forgotten because they were old
There should not be a cat to roam as a stray
They have no silver lining all their clouds are dirty and gray
But I am just one little girl merely a child
So why are my dreams so dumb and so wild?
To give a home to every stray
To warm the ice cold hearts that throw them away
Because they were too old to play
And every stray that I might meet
I’ll find them a home and give them something to eat
But most of all I’ll give them love
Because animals are my gift from above
And now I can go back to bed
Because I’ve written down what’s in my head
The thoughts and tears that keep me awake
The wish I wish for every birthday cake
And maybe my wish will some day come true
but it’s not only up to me, it’s up to you.

Conjured by emca EMCA